Stress in Fountain Valley CA

Stress in Fountain Valley CA

Many patients who arrive at our Fountain Valley office present with symptoms of neck pain, back pain or headaches. But one thing common to all of us is stress and it can even be the root of our physical symptoms.

Dealing With Stress

As Chiropractors, we educate on the topic of Wellness, which is taking care of ourselves when we are HEALTHY as well as when we are sick. However it is human nature to wait until we are in pain to want to address the cause of the problem. While many patients come in as the result of a physical cause of the pain (or physical stress), many of our aches and pains can come from a mental cause or mental stress. Our bodies begin to break down or fail when we are not able to handle a stress in our environment. Whether this is: a) physical stress, (e.g. car accident), b) mental stress, (e.g. work or relationship stress), or c) chemical stress, (e.g. environmental pollutants or poor diet), once our body cannot tolerate the stress we end up with dysfunction that can result in muscle spasm that doesn’t go away. Take mental stress for example. If your co-workers or employer give you feelings of stress day in and day out, eventually it creates tension within the body and for some of us goes to our shoulder/neck area or gives us a muscle tension headache. In this case you’ve gone from a mental stress and turned it into a physical stress or symptom.

In our office the goal is to assess your physical health and alleviate the symptoms whether the cause is a physical, mental or chemical stress. Treatment includes identifying and adjusting any spinal misalignments (subluxations). We also recommend looking at dietary and environmental factors that affect your health.

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