Joint Pain in Fountain Valley

Joint Pain in Fountain Valley CA

What causes Joint Pain?

Joint pain is most often caused by injury to a joint or improper function or movement in that joint. Whether it is problem with a knee, ankle or hip joint, or the joints of the spine or in the shoulder or arm, the symptoms often result from misalignment of a joint or injury to the joint.

What is a Joint?
A joint is the union or junction of two boney surfaces like two finger bones, two vertebrae or two leg bones. All these parts fit together like puzzle pieces and are covered on the ends by (hopefully) smooth cartilage, and attached securely by tough ligaments. The ligaments are like the door hinges that keep the joint from moving too far the wrong direction. The muscles surrounding the joint are what provide for movement of the joint and the skeletal system.

Pain in the joints comes from a variety of causes, but the three most common seen in our Fountain Valley office are joint pain from 1) an injury (either new or old), 2) improper lifestyle stresses such as sleeping or sitting wrong and 3) ergonomics of poor posture at work. Some feel that pain is due to arthritis in joints but we’ve found in almost two decades of treating joint pains that osteoarthritis is usually the result of a long-term joint problem that eventually became arthritic.

What should I do about my Joint Pain?
We recommend getting the pain checked by a Chiropractor to see if your pain is a problem that stems from joint misalignments and the scar tissue of improper healing. If so we perform a thorough evaluation usually including x-rays, to be sure yours is a Chiropractic case. If at that point we feel confident you will benefit from our care, we will give you a report of our findings and outline the best course of care for you.

Our treatment includes one or more of the following: specific chiropractic adjustments in Fountain Valley, neuromuscular re-education, massage, ice, heat and instructions on home care including stretching and strengthening exercises.


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