Shoulder Pain


The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint surrounded by numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments. Pain in this joint can be caused by a number of different things. The boney part consists of the upper arm bone called the humerus. At its top end there is a ball shaped like a half of a racquetball. It is suited to fit into the socket of the scapula or shoulder bone. This socket is like a small saucer and it’s made deeper by tough fibrocartilage attached around the rim. Surrounding these bones are the Rotator Cuff muscles that form a muscle and tendon cuff around the top of the arm bone under the deltoid muscle. The Rotator Cuff literally rotates the upper arm inward and outward.
Shoulder Pain can come from a number of things but the main causes we see in our Fountain Valley office are: 1) pain from a recent or past strain or injury, 2) pain due to poor posture at work or poor sleeping position, 3) pain referred from a neck, upper back or shoulder misalignment, or 4) pain referred from an organ dysfunction such as the gall bladder.
Evaluation of a shoulder problem involves looking at the shoulder joint anatomically for problems with the bones, the shoulder joint or any of the surrounding support tissues. It also involves looking at parts of the body that influence the shoulder or refer pain to the shoulder. We typically look at range of motion, painful areas and whether or not there is nerve interference in the impulse sent from the brain to the shoulder area. A common cause seen in our office is a vertebral misalignment (subluxation) that alters or pinches the nerves traveling from the spinal cord to the shoulder muscles and ligaments. If you have a shoulder complaint, we perform a thorough evaluation and report the findings to you, advising you whether it is a chiropractic case similar to what we’ve had success with before. If so, we will outline the best course of care for you.
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