Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome refers to the symptoms that result from compression of the carpal tunnel on the palmar side of the wrist. The wrist bones are called carpal bones. They fit together like little puzzle pieces bound by ligaments and form an archway that protects the nerves, arteries and tendons that pass from the arm to the hand. When there is compression of the arteries and nerves, either from trauma or thousands of micro traumas that occur with repetitive stress injuries, the “Syndrome” can result. Symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include wrist pain, weakness, numbness and tingling.
If you experience repetitive stress such as working as a checker in a grocery store, use a hammer regularly or work long hours on a computer, you may end up experiencing some of these symptoms. It’s important to look at your work stresses and minimize them where possible. An example is making sure you don’t type with your hands arched upward. It is better to have the wrists supported so the hands are in a more natural position. It is recommended to have someone with knowledge of Ergonomics analyze these stresses and make recommendations.
Another consideration for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is something we look for in our Fountain Valley office. The nerves that become compressed in the wrist are the same nerves that pass from the spinal cord in the neck region, between the vertebrae, under the collar bone, underneath the pectoralis minor muscle and inside the upper arm. It is important to determine if the symptoms experienced in the wrist are coming from compression of nerves further up. This is like putting a kink in a garden hose close to where the hose attaches to the house. The water pressure will be lessened from that point all the way to the far end of the hose. We’ve had many patients that had their Carpal Tunnel symptoms relieved simply by having misaligned (subluxated) vertebrae in their neck fixed.
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